Where Architecture and Real Estate Come Together

Architecture and Real Estate, From start to finish, we help get the job done!

Where Architecture and Real Estate Come Together

Architecture and Real Estate, From start to finish, we help get the job done!

Your Dream Home, Imagine it, Design it or Find it.

We are your Home Experts whether it's your existing home or a new home you are looking to move to, our guiding principle is all about helping our clients. Are you living in your dream home? If the answer is NO we can help you whether it's to create your dream home from your existing house or find the new home of your dreams. Our Services include Architecture and Real Estate, As a fully licensed and certified Architect as well as a licensed Real Estate Agent your dream home can be realized.

Our Philosophy

We aim to create and design the home of your dreams or find one that can become it. We are a full service Architect and Real Estate office. We have the experience, talent and knowledge to create beautiful, distinctive and unique homes and buildings that make you comfortable and conform to your lifestyle or find you a new home , maybe with some minor alterations, that can become your dream home.

Our Mission

Our Mission has always been to provide the highest level of service to our clients by listening to their needs, goals and hopes and providing creative solutions through comprehensive services of the highest quality



We are your home experts in all areas of Design, Architecture and Real Estate.  Whether is designing your new home from scratch, creating it from one that's existing or finding you one that meets your needs, we are there for you. 

You've seen the TV shows

The ones where homeowners can't decide whether to stay in their home and renovate it or sell and move to a new home. The premise of these shows is whether your current home with renovations and/or additions can satisfy your needs or is it better and more cost effective to find a new home that does satisfy those needs

Our Services


In reality there is so much more involved in that decision making process then what is shown on a television show. These include budget, function, limitations, lifestyle, Zoning and Building Department issues, time frame and the difficulties involved in the overall construction process. This is where we can help. We are a full service office catering to homeowners who are going through that dilemma. We are licensed Architects and Real Estate Professionals.


Full Service office, fully licensed in New York,  North Carolina and Virginia. Services include initial consultation, budget review, analyzing your goals, building department and zoning review, design drawings, site design, Master Planning, Construction Drawings, Building Department paperwork and working with the local building department. We have specialized in Residential as well as Commercial Architectural plans since 1994, including new homes, major renovations, whole house renovations, extensions, dormers, interior alterations, remodeling, structural redesign and interior and exterior redesign. We are Members of the NCARB (The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards).  For more information on our Architectural services visit www.scavo-architect.com

Real Estate

Licensed Real Estate Agent associated with Keller William Elite. This allows us to be partners with one of the largest Real Estate companies in the world with many years of experience and who are able to guide and direct in helping our clients. Our Real Estate business is built around the principle that it's all about the client, your dreams, your needs, your concerns, your questions, your finances, your time and your life. We will be by your side from listing to closing ensuring that the property sells smoothly and you get the most money possible from the sale. Our local market expertise means we are able to interpret all the data that determines the optimum pricing strategy so your property will be priced to sell. We will dig deep to learn the unique selling points of your property and neighborhood. For more information on our Real Estate services visit www.tscavo.kw.com

The Connection

On the Staying in your Home side, the Architectural side , we can set up a program based on your goals and budget to accomplish what you need in your home. Whether it's expansion as your family grows or renovations as your family changes, we can help. Whatever the lifestyle change, adult children or parents moving in or altering as the children grow up and move out, or you just need larger or better functioning spaces, we can  create a plan of action based on your criteria, review your budget or help you establish a budget, based on the scope of the project, for the renovations. We can create a design that meets your needs and then work with you in reviewing with contractors to get the true costs of what you would need to go in that route. With many years of working with the local Building Departments, Zoning and Building codes, we are truly positioned to make that process run as smooth as possible. Most people tend to prefer that route, they like their neighborhood, they like the schools and would like to stay put. With the additions and renovations to their current house they can then have the home of their dreams that will satisfy the needs they are looking for. 

On the Moving On side, the Real Estate side, if after we go through the process of seeing what can be done with your current home and getting feedback on pricing, it is preferable at that point, to move on we are also Real Estate Professionals. As a licensed Real Estate Agent, licensed in New York State and  associated with a local Real Estate broker, Keller Williams Elite, in Massapequa, NY, we can advise and guide you on Real Estate matters. As a trusted and honest Realtor we can provide the services you need in a way that works for you. We can list your home for sale and help you prepare it for sale by advising on matters of marketing, pricing, staging and providing communication at all times. We can advise on the possibilities of  adding curb appeal, or costs of renovations verse the added value you would get.  Another possibility is we can combine the house you are selling with the proposed Architectural plans for the new owner to continue with so that you can possibly obtain more for your home as the potential buyers see the additional value that can be added to the home.  We can help you with all matters to sell your home and then help you find your new home. In helping you find your next home we can work with you, from our years of experience in design and architecture, to visualize the potential of your new home and plan for any renovations and customizing to that one.  

The Answer

Whether it's Architecture or Real Estate services you need we are there for you at each step and can help you make the wisest and best decisions for your particular needs. We will always take the time to listen, understand your challenges and goals and answer any questions that come up along the way.